About Us

The Neutral Project is a sustainable real estate development company that is distinguished by The Neutral Standard. This standard is characterized by our pursuit to build carbon neutral mixed-use and multifamily developments that eliminate embodied carbon emissions and minimize operational carbon emissions. Our primary goal is to redefine the conventional real estate development model that perpetuates endless growth and disregards environmental impact. The Neutral Project team collectively has greater than two decades of experience in multifamily and mixed-use development. We have conducted development projects from inception to completion, exceeding 2,000 multifamily units and 55,000 square feet of office and retail space.


Wenzel Hoberg

Partner/Board Member | The Neutral Project

Tyler Warner

Director of Investment | The Neutral Project

Nate Helbach

Managing Partner/Board Member | The Neutral Project

Jörn Brinkhoff

Partner/Board Member | The Neutral Project

The Team

Sean Meyers

Development Manager | The Neutral Project

CJ Fermanich

Development Analyst | The Neutral Project

Ruthi Daugherty

Art & Design Consultant | RAD the Studio


MGA | Michael Green Architecture

Design Architect

EQ | Equilibrium Engineers

Structural Engineers


Katherine G. Bills

Lawyer | Reinhart Law

Kathryn K. Westfall

Lawyer | Reinhart Law